Win The Mad Moon Mission book Over 40 and a Mum to one

You all know that Monkey’s reading journey has been a long one. He loves books, just not the reading of them. He recently moved up another band in his school reading books, and I know that free reading chapter books are on the horizon. So I’m trying to put more emphasis on me reading him chapter books at home, than picture books, to form part of that transition. We’ve been enjoying The Mad Moon Mission lately, and it’s really rather good.
Aimed at children aged 7 years and over, The Mad Moon Mission is written by Andrew Guile and features over 150 illustrations from Curt Walstead. This is the second installment in the The Amazing Adventures of Skinny Finny and Super Spy Wobblebottom. We’ve not read the first book, The Crazy Christmas Caper, but it hasn’t hindered the enjoyment as we’ve read The Mad Moon Mission together.
Published through Matador at the end of January, we meet up with Skinny Finny and his twin brother Tubby. They’ve been reunited with their parents and have just moved to a plush apartment overlooking The Shard, in the centre of London. It would appear that the first book must have followed the boys as they rescued their parents from the evil clutches of Dr Buttscratcher. In The Mad Moon Mission, the parents have promised the boys that they won’t leave them again, but it isn’t long before they are called away on another secret mission. This time, it relates to something secret in space. The boys, who don’t always see eye to eye, are disappointed to say the least and want an adventure of their own.
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