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This time of year everyone seems to be suffering with something: it’s still every much bug season. H has had snot pouring from his nose for weeks, but just as I get sent some children’s health products to help give him a boost, he seems to shake it off himself. I on the other hand have a sort of low-level bug if you know what I mean, not a full-blown cold, but a bit blocked and an irritating tickly cough too. So I ended up trying out some of Comvita’s Children’s Manuka Honey Elixir on myself. I’ve been very impressed by its pretty much instant effect on my throat and how soughting it is. I also feel the honey has helped me recover quicker and I think this is one that I will have a bottle in just in case we need it.
In fact, Comvita offer a range of Manuka Honey products including these fab lollies which are a great way of encouraging children to have something that is good for them. It doesn’t stop at food supplements though and Manuka Honey can be used in other products like the Antibacterial Wound Gel, which thankfully we haven’t yet had cause to use. All of the Manuka honey in Comvita’s range bears the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) quality mark. There’s a recently developed scientific test to ensure all Manuka honey with this mark is genuine and of the highest purity and quality. To ensure you are buying genuine Manuka honey always look for the UMF® quality mark.
If you’d like to experience first hand the difference Manuka Honey can make to your life, you should enter my giveaway. You’ll get a pack of Manuka Honey products including:
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