Win Just Bee Drinks Lolita Bonita

As you are all aware by now, I am a HUGE fan of flavoured waters. They go over tap water, fizzy drinks and squash hands down! I have tried and tested so many sparkly and still waters, all with their own unique tastes, and different benefits. Last year so far I my taste buds got tingling with POW energy water, OmegaWater, JF Rabbit Veg Water and Flo Drinks. Now I get to add another one to the list. Just Bee honey water. Now before their Dragon’s Den fame (We will get back to that) Just Bee had already grabbed my attention. I liked the fact that honey was added as a sweetener rather than other substitutes such as stevia that leaves your mouth feeling funky, Plus the additional health benefits that honey can give you is a great bonus. I didn’t need The Den to sell it to me, and it looks like they didn’t need the Dragon’s to sell it for them. As they turned down the investment opportunity, it was clear they didn’t need a Dragon on their side, as they are pretty much smashing it on their own. I didn’t even necessarily agree with the Dragon’s either. As I would most definitely buy this as a premium drink. I am one of those who orders a bottle of sparkling water at dinner, rather than juice or coke. So for me it is an option when looking for a a treat drink, a sweet drink or a refreshing one.
What Are The Benefits Of Honey?Honey has been used for its medicinal purposes for literally thousands of years. I have relatives who eat a spoonful a day and stay on the healthy side. Taken from the ten major health benefits of honey are…
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