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Have Your Cake And Eat It Review And Giveaway
Have your cake and eat it is the new book from Mich Turner MBE founder of Little Venice Cake Company. The idea behind the book is that the bakes included are more nutritious and healthier than your average bake. This generally means that the bakes include fresh and dried fruit, along with nuts and seeds.
The photography in the book is inviting and makes you want to get baking. I decided to try the plum and nectarine upside down cake. I would love to show you a picture, but I'm afraid it didn't go quite to plan. Not the books fault I might add. Just mine. I used a slightly smaller cake tin than recommended (note I did not listen to Eric) which resulted in a well cooked cake on the sides and top, but not cooked in the middle. Not to worry, I served it us as plum and nectarine mash cake and my boys were more than happy with the result! The recipe didn't use less fat or sugar than I would normally use in such a recipe, but it did contain fruit. I guess life is all about moderation and if you have some cake with your fruit it is ok.
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