Win Buzz Rack Buzzwing 4 Bike Tilting and Folding Rack


The excellent Buzzwing is described by The Roof Box Company as "surely the best 4 bike wheel support rack on the market for less than £300" . It's a towbar mounted bike carrier which folds to make storage really convenient, it comes almost fully assembled and it has adjustable wheelholders which accommodate even small children’s bikes.

The reason they make a big deal about it is down to safety, quality, and ease of use, here are its best features:
It folds to fit in a car boot and to make storage really easy.
It fits to all tow balls, even the occasional tow ball that does not meet BS standards.
The Buzz Wing is particularly well balanced - you can let go once you've placed it on the tow ball, which makes fitting the rack much easier.
Fitting is a matter of spinning a hand-turning wheel, a really quick, easy and ergonomically satisfactory thing to do. Turn the key in the tightening wheel and the carrier is then locked to the tow ball.
It sits high on the tow ball, well clear of speed bumps and other hazards such as steep ferry ramps.
The wheel holders will accommodate all wheelbases, even small children's bikes.
Ratchet straps allow a quick and secure attachment of the wheels, long straps can accommodate tyres up to 3” wide (a longer strap is also available).
Padded bike frame cradles rotate 360 degrees to fit any bike frame tubes, ratchet straps hold your bike securely.
All parts are replaceable if e.g. someone forgets that a tow bar carrier is fitted and reverses into a wall - which happens!
Dimensions: 105 x 93.5 cm deep (measured from the centre of the tow ball to the outside edge of the number plate holder).
Weight: 19.3kg.
Comes equipped with a locking cable to secure your bikes.
Locks to the tow ball.
The build quality - tube bending, welding, rust proofing, painting, component quality, is exemplary.

Buzz Wings are supplied with UK standard 3 function lights and a 7 pin plug; electrical adapters are available for those with 13 pin systems, and all tools you might need are provided! This rack tilts far enough to open the tailgate on vehicles with all but the most vertical tailgates.

We have teamed up with The Roof Box Company and are offering you the chance to win a BUZZ RACK Buzzwing 4 bike tilting and folding carrier worth £294.95.

Ended Aug 31 2017

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