Win an Indigo Herbs Gift Set Missing Sleep

Lately I have been feeling a bit stressed about life, nothing major just most things seem more challenging than usual. I guess I try so hard to do right by everyone in the family that sometimes I wear myself a little thin.
It’s important to take a step back and learn to relax and it can be tempting to crack open a bottle of wine or bite into some indulgent chocolate cake, but you can soothe yourself in other ways. Like using lovely sets from Indigo Herbs that are all natural and very therapeutic. Many of us lead such busy lives we don’t take enough care of ourselves, so treating yourself or a loved one to a gift from Indigo Herbs is one way to start to rectify that.
I was sent the Indigo Herbs De-stress and Unwind Well-being Gift (£19.99) to review, which really couldn’t have come at a better time! The set is nicely packaged in a simple brown box and contains everything you need to nurture and restore. Ideal for Mothers Day as these sets only have 100% pure botanical ingredients and mums deserve the very best!
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