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I think since seeing the Lego Batman movie in half term, my son has decided that Batman probably is the coolest super hero ever. Sadly I nearly fell asleep, but that’s another story! So it was great timing that the Imaginext DC Super Friends Arkham Asylum was sent to us to review. The asylum does feature in the movie too, so a good tie in.
So it is a toy of the asylum that the baddies get sent to. What does it do? Now this is perhaps my son’s favourite part of the toy. At the top there is a section where you can load up yellow discs, put Batman in the top pad, twist it and press and it fires discs across the room. The toy comes with three discs. This part caused much excitement for my son who pretty much fired them on repeat shouting ‘take that joker’. You can probably tell from his face!
In the middle section there are the prison cells that the baddies go into. You can move Batman from the top standing pad to the middle one and use it to twist the cells open and closed.
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