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Turbospoke® brings hi-octane excitement to young thrill-seekers with its new and world’s first Twin Pipe Bicycle Exhaust System. An all new and improved version of the iconic Bicycle Exhaust System that, for the first time ever, fits to both sides of the bike!
That’s right, when one big bore exhaust pipe on your bicycle just isn’t enough, the new exhaust system now fits to both sides of your bike – double the pipes, double the sound, double the awesomeness! We’ve got two sets up for grabs!!
Using durable plastic Motocards and a realistic megaphone exhaust pipe, the Bicycle Exhaust System totally revolutionises the “card in the spokes” concept. The new Twin Pipe Bicycle Exhaust System makes an even greater range of engine sounds, has a cooler and stronger big bore exhaust pipe and now fits to 100% of bikes (from 14”-24”)! It’s waterproof and doesn’t require any batteries. It comes with a full fitting kit and 24 awesome stickers to decorate your exhaust pipe. (Each exhaust pipe sold separately)
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