Win a set of Lonely Planet Kids Books Missing Sleep

 I love it when we stumble on something that really brings out my boys enthusiasm to learn. Since the First Words Spanish book arrived from Lonely Planet Kids they have been eagerly testing each other and trying their best to get the pronunciation right. They have also tried to get me to translate a few words but my college Spanish is disappointingly rusty!!!
We are off to Spain on holiday later in the year so this is a helpful book to own so they can familiarise themselves with a few keywords before the trip! One word I am hoping we don’t need though is nieve (snow!); lets hope the sol (sun) shines while we are away!
Both the boys have shown so much interest in the simple colourful book; handily it also says how to pronounce the word too because otherwise we would be completely lost! We will definitely be packing this book in our maleta (suitcase!) before we head off on our Spanish adventure. It’s a good introductory book and as your child becomes more competent in the language you can of course buy something more complicated, but judging with my boys reaction this is a wonderful book to spark your child’s initial interest in learning a new language! It really is quite something seeing their eyes light up when they learn another word!
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