Win a Polytunnel worth £1,000 Grow Your Own Fruit and Veg

Keep your precious crops safe and sound in one of the fantastic polytunnels from First Tunnels. These top-quality structures offer the space and air circulation to encourage healthy crop growth, while also offering protection from the elements and pests which can cause huge amounts of damage to your plants. The tunnels come in a range of sizes and suit any needs you might have in your growing space – be it a smaller sized garden, or a large smallholding style area. The company also offers a variety of different options in terms of the cover for the polytunnel, meaning you can tailor it to your own specific needs – there is no assumption that one size fits all. Another of the key benefits is the ability to enjoy tending to your fruit and veg even if it is raining outside! One lucky GYO winner will receive a £1,000 spend towards the polytunnel of their choice from First Tunnels. For more information on the range, visit

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