Win a one month bundle pack of Bambo Nature nappies Our Fairytale Adventure

When it comes to teaching the boys about the world around them, one of the main things I express to them is that we only have one planet and so it is extremely important to protect it in any way we can. The smallest of things can really help protect the planet for future generations, things like choosing eco-friendly nappies.
According to RecyclingBins around 7 MILLION trees are cut down each and every year to make disposable nappies, that is a really staggering number. However nappies like Bambo Nature carry The Forest Stewardship Council Label, which means that they are made from materials sourced from sustainable woodland.
I came across Bambo Nature Nappies when I was pregnant with Monkey a couple of years ago at a baby show I went to, but it was the end of the day and Bear was getting a bit grouchy so I ended up having to leave before I was able to learn more about them. However, recently they launched their new website and were looking for bloggers to spread the word about them, so I sent them a message. They got back to me and I was sent an individual pack of nappies for Monkey to try out.
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