Win a Mother's Day Sleekster from Hotel Chocolat All about U

One of the things that swiftly becomes apparent when you become a mum is just how much you have tiny people that depend on you. Your time isn’t completely your own anymore, and all that you do, the majority of the time is for your children. Whether that is one child or many; it is all the same when you’re a mum.
One of my many favourite moments since becoming a mother all of those five years ago, is when my kids say something funny and when I really hear myself in them. With my son Max, I would often bring him downstairs on a morning when he was a toddler. I’d open the blinds and comment on the weather. Not even consciously to be honest. Then he started to comment on it, before I could even try. “Nice sunny day, mummy” came out of his mouth and just cracked me up. He said it just as I did.
With my daughter Chloe, it has been quite recently that she’s been making me laugh. We have been potty training her recently so there have been lots of affirmations and ‘good girl’ being branded about. I went to empty her potty the other day and she came with me. As I was finished cleaning it out she said “good girl” to me. Such a crack up! When they start copying what you can do, it really makes me smile :)
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