Win a Months Subscription to Chewy Moon Kid Snacks Mum in the Mad House

My boys are bottomless. Sometimes it seems they do nothing but eat and when they get home from school they are ravenous. So much so they will grab anything they can find and there is not thought to its nutrition. So as a parent it is down to me to make sure we have a selection of healthy after school snacks available and to help them make the right choice.
I am all about moderation and we do not have such a thing as bad snacks, just ones that we have in moderation. I am keen not to label unhealthy food as a treat. I am super lucky in the fact that I have got to boys that are pretty adventurous in their food choices but that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t love to have a Nutella sandwich every day after school!
So when we were offered a trial of Chewy Moon, a weekly snack box for kids, we decided to put it to the test. Chewy Moon provide a weekly box of hugely healthy, alternative snacks and guilt-free after school treats for growing kids. The boys have been diligently putting the box through its paces and trying the snacks out each night after school and I have to say we are big fans.
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