Win a Lee Stafford Lighten Up Mirror the inspiration Edit

Recently Sylvia and I were sent the Lee Stafford Lighten Up Mirror to review. Sylvia and my husband were previously sharing a mirror. John likes to use the mirror for shaving and Sylvia was using it for doing her hair. Our metal mirror had become the source of much drama is the past few months so getting a new one just for Sylvia is truly a blessing in disguise.
The pink chrome Lee Stafford Lighten up mirror is designed for adults and can be used by children over the age of 8. The unique features of the lighten up mirror include a double sided rotating mirror. The mirror can be flipped over super fast so if you need to be able to see close up you can in a matter of seconds.
One side of the mirror has 1x magnification and the other side 3x magnification which is great for putting on makeup and brushing hair. What is really great about this mirror is that it does light up. The mirror has a soft warm illumination which can be switched on and off.
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