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I have a bit of a confession to make, I have a bit of a thing for organisational tools and accessories. We got a new car back in September and we’re planning on a family holiday to France this year, which of course will involve lots of time in the car. I have been quite determined to keep our new car neat and tidy – let’s face it, it doesn’t make much for a car to descend into a muddy, food packet mess when you have children! So far I have managed very well, but I know France will be a challenge.
I was sent the Kid Transit Car Organiser with iPad Holder for review which seemed to be the answer to my problem. It comes with a holder for an iPad, a large pocket which is great for books and four smaller pockets on the side. It is attached to the front car seats via a strap around the headrest and the lower part of the seat.
The organiser was very easy to attach to the seat a simply clip in strap around the seat in front. I was worried that sitting in the driver’s seat the lower strap would press into my back, but I couldn’t feel it at all. The plastic sleeve held my 10inch iPad, but it is a close fit. I normally keep my iPad in a silicone case and I had to take it out out the silicone case in order to get it to fit. We actually have an in-car DVD player that attaches to the head rest and I did wonder if the screens for this would fit into the iPad sleeve, but unfortunately they didn’t. But this doesn’t concern me because if we are using the DVD player I can just have extra items in the iPad sleeve – extra storage!
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