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Stress is something that gets us all. Whether we consciously realise that we're dealing with it or or are struggling with it to the point we can't see a way out, it's there for all of us and finding a way to tackle it is something we should all be aware of. We all work so bloody hard and with the constant demand of our day-to-day jobs (don't even get me started on life admin) it can be easy for it all to pile on top and become a bit too much. If you can address stress head on, it means you're more likely to live a healthier life - better quality too and become less ill all the time.
Chinese medicine can have a bit of a bad rep, which was why I was a little sceptical about The Hayo'u Method when I first heard about it, as it is just that. But scam perception aside, in actual fact it's a concept that's steeped in centuries of effective traditions and long-standing practice - and where The Hayo'u method is concerned it very much takes that in it's stride. It isn't accupuncture-esque - no needles involved here like my first thought may have been. It is in fact a speedy ritual, that you can add into your daily routine with very little effort. It's relaxing, and it gives you a moment for 'you' in your daily routine, which for me is incredibly important.
When I met Katie Brindle, a Chinese Medicine Practitioner and founder of Hayo’u my eyes were completely opened up to the world of Chinese Medicine and how quickly and effectively a simple movement have an effect. It's deeper than the usual 'just take a paracetamol' outlook we all generally have on life. By following the Hayo'u method, just for a few minutes a day it can help to cleanse and make your body, generally, a more happy place.
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