Win a Hamper Of PEZ Mobile Game App Goodies Raring2Go

As the world grows and evolves, so does PEZ. This famous little peppermint was first introduced in 1927 in Austria and it didn’t take long before the dispensers hit the shelves to the delight of children and collectors everywhere. Since then it’s become a well-recognised treat all over the world and a sure way to transport any adult right back to their childhood.
Keeping up with modern day living and the next step in the PEZ evolution, British fans can continue to experience a sweet treat in the UK, but now through the launch of its new mobile games app.
Children and adults in the UK can now scan codes found on either PEZ refill packs or selected dispensers to unlock six games, which feature PEZ characters living on various themed islands. PEZ Play can be downloaded for free from Google Play and the Apple App Store, where you can access one game absolutely free! Thereafter you will be given your own unique codes to unlock a further six new games!
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