Win A football signed by Chris Hutton Clyde 3

Enter now for your chance to win a personalised signed football from legendary footballer Chris Sutton With Fantasfida.
Fancy yourself as a bit of a football coach, or reckon you have the skills to bet and win against your mate? Then Fantasfida is the game for you. One of the only online football games where you can play a range of Championship tournaments, both on a daily and weekly basis, all fast and on the ball, designed to put your football skills to the test. Play anywhere, from your tablet or on your desktop, or even on your phone when the other half is reading in bed. There is even a handy app, so you can download it and play whenever, wherever.
Fantasfida is positioned as a game of skill, developed in-house by football fans at Digital Bros, a global company who combine technological evolutions with what you really want, which is in this case, super-fun, super-fast fantasy football. Players can win money by playing a range of games across premier and championship. Each tournament or event allows for points to be accumulated and deducted assigned in real-time using live match data sourced from OPTA. Log on, create an account and create your dream team, then the next day create another one, as Fantasfida is fast and fun fantasy football at its best!

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