Win a Fingerlings interactive toy Mums Wine HQ

Fingerlings make the perfect pets!! They love to hang on to your finger and know when they are being spoken to, touched and even hung upside down. These perfect pets come to life with over 50 animations to let you know how they are feeling. You’ll fall in love with these sweet and sometimes silly critters with their realistic monkey sounds, adorable blinking eyes and head turns, plus hands that grip and a curly hanging tail. You can swing them, pet them, hug and kiss them, plus rock them to sleep!
Fingerlings will entertain and make the perfect companion for children of all ages and completely affordable at a RRP of £14.99
The kids absolutely loved our little monkey, they found him funny, cute and actually loved taking him with them when we went out and about. The eldest is getting out of toys now and much prefers a game of rugby but he was really taken with the little purple fingerling (Mia) and found it hilarious to see her respond to kisses, speech and touch, and of course passing wind!! He even had her hanging on the bed frame over night. Anything that causes this much laughter is a hit for me, and there were proper belly laughs from the kids and friends when interacting with 'MIA'
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