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I am always looking at different games we can play and I love games that challenge the boys. That is the whole point isn’t it? To find stimulating and educational games that keeps the attention of the child. I was asked if I would love to review the Cartamundi Fundels Writing Letters and Multiplication games. Of course I said yes! Oliver just starting school is learning all about letter formations so the writing letters game appealed to me. Jack is 7 and learning multiplications at school he struggles slightly so we was looking forward to using the cards.
The Multiplication game comes with a variety of different flash cards and instructions. Each card features a multiplication sum and on the reverse is the answer. There are 4 different games you can play War, Open War, Memory Games and Totalito. Without going into too much detail here is a breakdown of 2 of our favourite games;
War – Divide the cards evenly between all players. Each player takes it in turns to play a card. The other players need to shout the answer and the quickest player wins the card.
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