Win a Box of Loose Leaf Tea Counting To Ten

Sometimes as a parent you just need 5 minutes peace. Those 5 minutes are even better if you can enjoy a great cup of tea that’s still warm. The True Tea Club sent me a standard subscription box to review which has enough loose leaf tea to make 40 cups of tea, that means I get at least 3 hours peace right? Well maybe not, but the tea does provide a little bit of calm in the chaos of my home.
My taste for tea has changed over the years. When I was pregnant with my youngest I stopped enjoying my normal cup of builder’s tea and started drinking Earl Grey, a tea I didn't like when I was younger. When I gave up dairy in January I stopped drinking tea for a while because none of the alternative milks tasted quite right. I slowly realised that I preferred my tea without milk and suddenly I discovered a whole new world of tea flavours.
The True Tea Club is based in York and specialises in 7 types of loose leaf te white tea, green tea, black tea, oolong, chair, rooibos and herbal tea. They have a new monthly subscription box with 4 different loose leaf teas to try each month. The standard box costs £10 a month and makes 40 cups, but if you drink a lot of tea you can go for the premium or deluxe packages which make 60 or 80 cups of tea. Delivery is free in the UK (International delivery also available).
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