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The house buying process can be a long winded and dragged out one, and 3 months in, I'm not surprised I'm already considering trying to redecorate our current house in the meantime. Our offer was accepted in January, and while we look to get the keys next Friday, my impatience has gotten the best of me. Wouldn't it be great if buying a house was like shopping in Tesco: 3 bedrooms, a garden and seemingly respectable neighbors? In the basket, and we could unload the rest of our shopping at our new home. If only. It may be long winded, but from my experience there are 5 simple steps we can all take to ensure both the mortgage and the legal steps following go through without a hitch.
The documents that your potential lender will ask for at the start of the process may well not be the ones that they will actually need. In fact, they may need a hell of a lot more, and it may be especially convenient for them to ask for this ridiculous amount of documentation a few days before you are due to get your keys. If you can predict exactly what they will eventually require at the start - your saving yourself a few months of thinking everything is complete before getting knocked back off that pedestal. All joking aside, have a google and look for the most commonly asked for documents - bank statements, previous few months worth of wages, P60 forms, letter of salary confirmation if on maternity leave spring to mind for our situation - if you can have these up to date and all ready to send off should they require them, then your may be saving yourself the run around later down the line. Also, if it is employers references or salary confirmation holding it up, a simple phone call can sort that out very quickly - we waited weeks before finally phoning to push ours along, and it was emailed over in minutes.
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