Win a £40 Kaya Jewellery Gift Voucher Over 40 and a Mum to one

You all know I love jewellery and you may recall I reviewed a lovely personalised pendant last year. Well I’ve just received a Mother’s Day treat from KAYA and I love that it’s a little different from the norm.
I’m not known for my love of hearts, so Daddy P and Monkey always look for alternative ideas when it comes to Mother’s Day and my birthday which follows shortly after. I have a real passion for family history and have researched all sides of our family over the years. So when I was looking at the range of items currently available from KAYA, the Silver Pendant Tree of Life really stood out for me. The pendant is available with up to 5 engraved names and matching swarovski crystal birth stones, so idea for families whether they be large or small. By sheer luck, my Monkey son was born in December, with Blue Topaz as his birthstone, which is my favourite gem. I’d like to tell you that I had that planned from conception, but even I’m not that organised. There’s also an option to just have family names and no birthstones at all, and you can buy a necklace to go with your pendant, should you so wish. I’ve got my own chain, which I knew would work perfectly with my new pendant.
A Mother’s Day treat from KAYA could come in the form of a pendant like mine, a personalised necklace or even a bracelet. From hearts to doves and everything in between. There’s a lovely selection of silver jewellery to suit all tastes, and all reasonably priced too.
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