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Cara's relationship with Joe brings her the popularity she craves. They've been together for a long time and for a while everything was okay between them, but Joe is going to a prestigious university and Cara will be a senior in high school. It's time to go their separate ways. Unfortunately their goodbye is a bit more definite than Cara imagined it would be, as Joe is dead. Cara is being interrogated by the police. Do they think Joe was killed and if so is she a suspect? After Joe's death Cara slowly starts losing the things in life that are important to her. What is going on, is there something she should have noticed and how come someone else knows more about her life than she does?Cara always wanted to be friends with the most popular girl at school. Dating her friend's brother makes it possible, but it also means there are high standards she needs to meet and there's a lot she has to undergo for the sake of acceptance. Joe's death is the beginning of uncertain times for her. Will his sister still be her friend, is she destined to be a social outcast or even worse, do people think she had something to do with it? Cara desperately needs a friend. She also has to find a way to prove her innocence. Will she succeed?Cara craves to belong, but instead of being liked for who she is she has to make plenty of sacrifices. Even though this might be one of her biggest flaws I could understand why she wanted to fit in more than anything and I could easily forgive most of the mistakes she's made in her past. She's an interesting main character. She isn't perfect and she doesn't always make the right or most honorable decisions, which sometimes makes her an unreliable main character. However, I admired her capability to be honest with herself and her willingness to look inside herself to see what's there, both good and bad. She's a fascinating mix of personality traits and I couldn't wait to find out more about her.
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