Win a £15 EllieBeanPrints Voucher Over 40 and a Mum to one

I’m a strong believer in fate. When I was 18 I left home (a story for another day) and I needed somewhere to live pronto. Someone overheard my conversation and put me in touch with her friend who’d been let down on a house share. The next day I met the girl, who was to become the closest thing I’d ever have to a sister. We shared a house, ended up working together and spent pretty much all of our social time together. Over 30 years later and we are still the very best of friends. My friend A turns 50 at the end of the month, I still can’t quite comprehend how that’s possible, but it’s a fact. I turned to the personalised prints from EllieBeanPrints to come up with a little something to celebrate her birthday.
I wanted to send her something that would make my friend A smile, a memento of her half century, and yes she’s a year older than me, so I can shout out about her hitting the big 50, knowing I’ve still got a year to get used to the idea.
I decided on The Day You Were Born Personalised Birthday print as I remember her sending my son a newspaper and DVD that were out on the day he was born. I thought she’d appreciate the twist.
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