Win 3 Sets of Mess-free Paintsticks Belle du Brighton

I discovered Little Brian at The Toy Show, they had a display of their paint sticks and some paper to experiment with so I had a go and thought they were brilliant – all the fun of paint with non of the mess! A couple of weeks ago we were sent a pack of the Paint Sticks to play with and they’re a big hit! We first got them out when we had a friend over to play, and her mum is an artist so got stuck in too, we had loads of fun experimenting.
What are Little Brian Paintsticks?Paint sticks are basically paint in solid form; they come in a twist up tube like glue does but are not sticky and dry in 60 seconds. They are non toxic and washable, although I’ve not had to wash any off the kids clothes yet as they’re basically mess free so can’t comment on how well they wash out! Although marketed from age 3 and up as long as you keep the lids out of a smaller child’s reach they’re fine, Arlo definitely loves them at almost 2! I think they would make a brilliant birthday present for any kid from two upwards actually!
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