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If you just looked in the shops it would sometimes seem that Mothers Day has to be something stupidly expensive, of course, not that most young kids are likely to pay for anything (kinder eggs being slightly higher on the pocket money desirable list round here) but that still means that someone has to pay. As a mum I know that the best gifts aren’t always that are the most expensive, but are instead the ones that make you smile, hug your kids and especially the ones where you can see your kids have done something just for you. With that in mind today I’m sharing our thoughts on the fabulous Mr Men My Mummy book and I’ve also got a little giveaway where you could win this book and two other Mr Men titles.
Mr Men – My Mummy and Me
My Mummy and Me is a really sweet addition to the Mr Men series that looks at all the different characters, it’s a great book for reading out loud with your kids reminding them about how fabulous their mummy is! What makes this book a great gift is that it can be personalised, my kids loved writing down their favourite things about me although apparently the thing I do that makes them laugh is my singing and dancing? How rude, everyone knows I do an awesome Shake It Off and I can properly pull off all the moves too! There’s also a page at the back for your kids to do a portrait of their mummy too.
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