Win 21 Chalkola Chalk Marker Pens Hot Pink Wellingtons

I have to confess straight away: I’m not a crafty mum. It’s a rare occasion that I get the paint or any craft bits out – I can’t face the mess and I’m lacking the skills in the creative department. To add to that, my 2 year old is one of those rare children who isn’t actually a fan of anything messy and doesn’t like getting his hands dirty! So when Chalkola first contacted me about reviewing their range of chalk pens my heart didn’t initially leap with excitement. But on reading more about them I started to see that they could be the perfect craft activity for us.
Instead of the mess of chalk dust getting everywhere, they work like chalk marker pens, with the ink coming out from the pen more like paint than chalk. The paint is water based, odor-free, and completely safe for children to use. The chalk pens can be used on any non-porous material, so blackboards, whiteboards, windows, or plastic, so they offer so many possibilities for crafting activities.
Being less craftily-inclined, we stuck to a blackboard initially. The pens do take a bit of priming the first time you use them – they need shaking for around 30 seconds and then you need to pump the nib to get the ink flowing for around a minute. This was clear in the instructions though, and knowing Max’s patience levels, I’d already primed the pens before we started (mummy win right there!).
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