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Automatically earn points for just using our site. Points will reset every month.

1st Prize: £50 CASH

2nd Prize: £25 CASH

3rd Prize: £10 CASH

4th-50th Prize: Will gain an extra guess everyday when playing the guessing game for the following month.

  • 50 points - Play the guessing game, every guess will add 50 points to your tally. Click here to play.
  • 50 points - Update your profile pic with you or a prize you've won or would like to win. Click here.
  • 1 point - Every active competition you view will earn you one point. (Points allocated to the month the competition was added)
  • 1 - 10 points - Visit the homepage every day and a random amount of points will be automatically added.
  • 50 points - Complete your profile on the Survey page.
  • Newsletter Points - Random newsletters during the month will have a leaderboard link to earn you X number of points

Any members found cheating at the end of the month will be disqualified.

Rule updated 01/06/2017.

* CompBux is only redemable via PayPal

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